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Clinical Practice Resources

The resourse highlighted below are useful in relation to Clinical Practice. The resources are categorised under Person-centered, Safe and Effective.

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    Tackling Health Inequalities this module is suitable for staff from all sectors of the health and social care workforce who have or have potential to impact on health inequalities.

    Equal Partners in Care (EPiC) is a learning resource for health and social care staff which will help you (and the staff or students you support) to have better conversations and interactions with carers. EPiC was developed by NHS Education for Scotland and the Scottish Social Service Council (SSSC). The aim is to make a positive difference and improve outcomes for carers and the people they care for. 

    A Different Way of Knowing (2010) Patient stories can provide powerful messages about the experience of the care our patients receive. The publication A Different Way of Knowing shows how patient stories can be used as an educational resource.

    Icon - KeyLittle Things Make a Big Difference: Valuing the Patient's Experience
    NHS Education for Scotland Resource. The website is designed to act as a gateway for NHS staff to support the enhancement of the patient experience. The site affords quick access to resources to support continuing professional development or resources for use with patient/carers.

    Seeing the Person in the Patient: The Point of Care Review (2008) The Point of Care Programme aims to transform patients' experience of care in hospital and to enable healthcare staff to deliver the quality of care they would want for themselves and their own families. A very useful publication that suggests initiatives that can be implemented in order to create sustainable change in patient care.

    Icon - KeySupporting Self Management NHS Education for Scotland Resource
    A learning resource to help healthcare workers develop knowledge and understanding to support self management.

    Icon - starSupporting Health Care in Custody and Prison Portal NHS Education for Scotland Resource Signposts health care staff of all disciplines to information and learning resources relevant to the care of people in secure settings, custody (including those detained under statute, and those arrested prior to being released for report), prisons and healthcare and forensic medical services provided to victims of crime.

    Making Communication Even Better is a learning resource for health, education, social work and voluntary sector staff who want to know and understand how to improve their own communication and make their service more accessible for people with communication support needs.

    Communicating, Connecting, Caring. This site offers tools, information and resources to help you to acquire a set of communication skills, approaches or values.




    Patient Safety Zone

    Patient Safety provides information and resources to support health care workers with experience at all levels to develop their knowledge and understanding of patient safety issues.

    Making delegation safe and effective: a learning resource for Nurses, Midwives, Allied Health Professionals and Health Care Support Workers  This learning resource draws on information from a range of sources, bringing together guidance from professional bodies, the law and best practice to help you access information and advice on making informed decisions about delegating tasks and about accepting tasks delegated. Opportunities to reflect on your practice are also included. It has been developed for nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and healthcare support workers working in Health or Social Care settings. The learning resource may also be relevant for any staff group where delegation is required.



    Clincical Skills Educational Resources   The CS MEN develops skills packs where there is a requirement for a national evidence-based, quality-based resource for use across Scotland.  These packs renage from clinical precedures to non-technical skills such as communication and decision making.

    Children & Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. NES e-resource: Improving Wellbeing  Please access the e-resource through your NHS board e-learning platforms (LearnPro or similar). This e-resource helps all NHS staff, clinical and non clinical, to understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to parts 4, 5 and 18 (section 96) of the Children & Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. 

    Blood Transfusion Learnbloodtransfusion is an interactive eLearning resource covering a wide range of transfusion related topics, including safe transfusion practice and blood component use  All health boards in Scotland can access the learning modules through NHS LearnPro. Contact your local training department or Transfusion Practitioner for more information.

    European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care (PaSQ) This site promotes the mutual exchange of experience and knowledge in order to improve patient safety. In addition to looking at education and training, the site provides a database of solutions to patient safety issues.

    Icon - KeyHealthcare Associated Infection NHS Education for Scotland resource offers a range of educational resources which can be used by individuals, teams and organisations in respect of infection prevention and control.

    Improving Safety in Maternity Services: A Toolkit for Teams (2012) This resource is organised around five key areas for improvement in maternity care - teamworking, communication, training, staffing and leadership and information and guidance.

    Managing Falls (2012) This 'Good practice Self-Assessment Resource - Managing Falls and Fractures in Care Homes for Older People', provides the direction, advice and support that staff in a care home need to make a difference in this area of care.

    Non-Medical Prescribing (2012) NHS Education for Scotland resource. Educational resources relating to the core curriculum for non-medical prescribing and offers useful learning materials for those wishing to become non-medical prescribers or for existing non-medical prescribers who want to update their knowledge.

    Nursing Numeracy Learning resource which assesses numerical ability in relation to administration of medicines. Use the exemplar tool to simulate how a dosage calculation problem would be solved in a clinical setting.

    Patient Safety Education Scenario (2012) NHS Education for Scotland resource The education scenario looks at using the Effective Practitioner initiative to improve patient safety.

    Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice This resource was developed by Health Protection Scotland in collaboration with NHS Education for Scotland. It is designed to meet the requirements of the Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training. Essential for those whose remit includes immunisation particularly those involved in the childhood immunisation programme.

    Scottish Clinical Skills: Managed Educational Network Interactive project resource designed to standardise evidence-based skills techniques. Includes 'Learning safe communication skills' and 'Chest drains - insertion and care'. Mapped to the KSF Framework for accreditation.

    Icon - KeyScottish Patient Safety Programme The Scottish Patient Safety Programme aims to steadily improve the safety of patient care across the country. Work includes improvement programmes in the following areas: acute adult, maternity and children, mental health and primary care. This is an essential resource relating to patient safety which includes support and interventions to help improve patient safety and a toolkit to help with dissemination of the Programme.

    Tissue viability resources These resources include the Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers  Educational Workbook. The workbook forms part of the integrated programme for a national co-ordinated approach to tissue viability and contains a wide range of resources such as best practice statements and other tools relevant to tissue viability.


    Quality Improvement Zone The Quality Improvement Zone provides information and resources to support people with experience at all levels of quality improvement to develop their knowledge.

    Every Step Counts (Scottish Physical Activity Pathway) These six short films show examples of health professionals supporting patients to meet the national physical activity guidelines. Practitioners can gain confidence in raising the issue of inactivity in their practice, and better understand the NHS's role in creating a more active Scotland.

    Framework to Support Staff Development in Patient Focus and Public Involvement (2011) This document aims to support staff to develop their practice in Patient Focus and Public Involvement.  It describes the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to help staff meet the requirements of the initiative.

    Long Term Conditions Collaborative: Improving Self Management Support (2009) This resource outlines 10 different approaches that can be taken to help delivery better outcomes and enhanced experiences in older people and people living with long term conditions.

    Remote and Rural Health and Educational Alliance (RRHEAL) This platform hosts content and links to material that is specifically relevant for remote, rural and island healthcare teams and is useful for those looking for an educational programme to support practice.

    Scottish Multiprofessional Maternity Development Programme The programme is made up of individual courses based on best available evidence and best practice statements.  The aim is to provide a framework for the development and delivery of maternity services. The site provides information on the programme and how to apply.

    Self Management UK This is a resource and networking organisation for everyone with a professional interest in self-care. The website offers skills training materials; an information site; tools and devices to support self-care; and a networking forum for professionals.

    Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs) This is an e-learning resource which enhances the educational opportunities for health and social care staff working with people affected by stroke. There are core competences for all staff in Scotland working with people affected by stroke and a more specialised learning resource aimed primarily at registered staff working in stroke services.

    Virtual College (NHS Series) E-learning modules developed in partnership with NHS and social care professionals. Some are RCN accredited and can be used for CPD. Modules include: conflict resolution, safe use of insulin and management of urinary catheterisation for adults. Small charge for most modules but some are free to certain staff groups.

    Clinical Decision Making. An effective practitioner resources to help develop Clinical Decision Making skills.

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